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  2. PegBio has established a Highly Effective Target Screening & Molecule Modifier Platform (HECTOR) core technology research and development system. The specialized R&D system empowers us to, based on our sophisticated experience in drug molecular design, turn our in-depth understanding of unmet medical needs and target mechanisms in the field of chronic disease into preclinical candidates (PCCs) with competitive edge for subsequent development.

    Our HECTOR technology research and development system mainly consists of three functional platforms: chronic disease database, drug molecular design platform, and compound screening platform.

    Chronic disease database:

    The company has set up a designated database focusing on the R&D of new drugs of chronic diseases. Based on the database, PegBio’s R&D team can accurately capture the data of relevant diseases of interest and medications that are on the market or under research, evaluate the mechanism of action, efficacy, and safety of potential therapeutic targets to screen out targets that meet product development strategy.

    Drug molecular design platform:

    Based on the unmet medicalneeds of drugs for chronic diseases, the company has established a chronic disease drug molecular development platform. According to the structure features of peptide, protein, and small-molecule drugs, Pegbio has been performing specific structure design and modification to optimize compound’s physicochemical properties, such as the activity, receptor-binding rate, stability, and compound half-life. Thus, a safer, more effective, and more convenient new treatment than the existing drugs can be provided for patients with chronic disease. The chronic disease drug molecular design platform consists of the PEGylation technology platform and other technology platform.

    The company is a leading technology enterprise that can carry out the research and development and production of medical-grade polyethylene glycol early in China, in particular, the application of PEGylation technology to the whole-process development of drugs for chronic diseases, and one of the rare new drug research and development companies that can independently produce raw materials of medicinal polyethylene glycol. The company has developed a variety of peptides, proteins, and small-molecule products for different chronic diseases with the technology, which are currently in different clinical or pre-clinical stages. The company has also established a technology reserve platform for the development of subsequent product pipelines, that will reflect drug development trend of chronic diseases.

    Compound screening platform:

    The company has established a compound screening platform based on extensive experience with the use of a wide range of chronic disease related experimental models and drugs that have been tested upon. According to the mechanism of the selected chronic disease and the target mechanism, suitable in vivo and in vitro screening models are selected to screen candidate compounds and to potentially obtain expected lead compounds. By doing so, Pegbio retain the highsuccess rate of future drug development.

    Through the HECTOR system, the company has developed different types of innovative products, including peptides, proteins and small-molecules for the treatment of different types of chronic diseases and has successfully taken the products to different stages of clinical trials. Moreover, the company stays at the forefront of science and technology. Through this system, the company continues to design, screen, and develop innovative compounds to provide novel pharmaceutical products with competitive advantages for the treatment of patients with chronic diseases.